Beach Yoga Retreat Ankola

This amazing beach yoga and meditation retreat is specially designed for those who want to relax, rejuvenate and work on themselves. It combines Asanas practice with a lot of meditation practices so that you could work to reduce the constant chatter of your mind; it will help you to bring in positivity and a state of relaxation. The beauty of this retreat lies in the amazing selection of Yogic practices that Hitanshi and Gourav have selected to help you reach the objective.



Located on one of the peaceful beaches of Karnataka, (133 kms from Goa Airport), Honey Beach Cottages, is nestled in the semi-rocky mountains. Feel the wind in your face and listen to the gentle roar of the waves, all of this combine to create a sense of peace and calm. We are sure that after the retreat you would want to join us again next year.



A Hatha Yoga teacher, who apart from Yogic practices, would help keep the retreat lively and enjoyable. He enjoys keeping the energy high during the travel, adventure activities or Yoga sessions. Enjoy his jolly nature and a constant smile on the face; in midst of sometimes difficult treks that keeps the group goingRead more about Gourav here.


A Hath Yoga Practioner, she is a sweet yet a disciplined person. With her serene aura, she helps people to master the art of mindfulness, awareness building during formal sessions or during casual one-on-one chats in the retreatRead more about Hitanshi here.
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