Yoga teacher: Amara


Amara had been a yoga practitioner for several years when she obtained her 300 hours Teaching Certification from Seema Sondhi's Yoga studio in New Delhi. She subsequently passed a 100 hours specialization in Yin Yoga. She now has one year of active teaching experience. If she could define yoga in one word, it would be "BLISS". She seeks to feel and share the blissful state of feeling whole in one’s body, that makes us admire the beauty and silence of the world. An enthusiastic advocate for yoga, she believes that everyone should try yoga at least once, that yoga has something to give to everyone, be it movement, stillness, vigorous workout, silent meditation, better breathing, better alignment or clarity of mind. Adapting her class to the needs of her students, her style flows between hatha, vinyasa and yin, with a special importance given to relaxation and pranayama. Because Amara believes yoga is for everyone, her class can serve different purposes : a light exploration of flexibility and physical strength, meditative or progressive relaxation, improvement of breathing patterns, release of tension in the upper body, postural exercices, etc. The words she lives by : «Step on the mat, the magic will happen». .

Yoga teacher: Isha


I first thought yoga was a cult that involved 100degress room and fancy clothes and chanting "OM". Now , i know better and i am passionate about practicing yoga and its benefits. through my own years of refinement, practice and education I believe yoga is for everyone. whether you are looking to gain flexibility, improve your fitness or challenge yourself physically and mentally, Yoga is a great addition to any lifestyle or exercise regime. I completed my 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Tattva yogshala , rishikesh and i am honored to be able to teach my students how to find peace within themselves and muscles where they did not know they had them !!!! I aims to keep things interesting and believes that we humans are far more capable than we often given ourselves credit for. i will be always a student first and hope to share my practice with you.

Yoga teacher: Dilip


Dilip is a certified yoga teacher. He has completed his P.G. diploma in yoga education from Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala, Pune. He has also completed his M. A in Preksha Meditation and yoga. He has 10 years of experience of imparting yogic knowledge to various individuals, groups and organizations. He is a compassionate teacher with immense patience, you will always feel welcomed in his classes.

Yoga teacher: Ruchi

Ruchi Thakkar

Namaste precious hearts!🙏🏻❤ How is your breath today? I am a spirited and passionate Hatha Yog Instructor (RYT200) committed to guide people in their journey of fitness and spiritual consciousness. I grew up in Haridwar, and that's where the seeds of my spiritual path were sown, which have now blossomed into trees of gifts and learnings that I take pleasure in sharing with the world!✨✨✨ I have truly enjoyed teaching in Haridwar, Delhi, Vadodara and Pune for 2.5yrs and apart from Asanas, I lovingly incorporate Mantra chanting, Pranayam, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Meditation and Sound Healing with Tibetan singing bowls in my sessions that allow a deeper mind-body-soul harmony. More than sculpting the body, Yog to me, is about turning the body into a beautiful vessel to receive the divine! What to expect from my class u ask? 🌸Here's what🌸: ~ smiles and laughter😂 ~ mindful breaths ~ self-love💓 ~ a connect with ur openness and intention👯‍♂ ~ an uplifted heart and soul🕺 ~ physical and mental strength and flexibility💪🏻 ~ feeling energized, grounded and expanded😇 Qualification: I have a B.Com and MBA (HR) degree👩🏻‍🎓 with 2yrs of corporate HR experience👩🏻‍💼as well. However, I've found my true calling in spreading love, wellness and peace through Yog!💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 Blessed may you ALWAYS be, for you always ARE!🕉🙏🏻😇 .

Yoga teacher: Neha

Neha Saighal

Yoga has been part of my life since i was eighteen. It was only in 2015 that i truly understood the meaning and purpose of yoga, when i started training with two teachers from the bihar schoclass="img-circle"ol of yoga in bangalore.Not only did they inspire me to take up the practice as a way of life., but they also taught me how to pass on my knowledge to others. i have been trained in Hatha Yoga and for me this is a practice of balance, harmony and unity between the body and mind, and confront and work on my weakness while embracing my strength.

Yoga teacher: Nehabajaj

Neha bajaj

yoga is the union of the supreme; for me yoga is what defines me. i was nomod in this world who just existed without any passion or interest. there wasn't much to my personality and i lived life like a rolling stone. got married, had kids and then; one day got introduced to the practice of yoga. i felt an instant connect with the practice. i enjoyed practicing yoga with the teacher who used to come home. suddenly, i had found my calling. By God's grace and my family's support,i went to take my practice forward and enrolled myself for diploma in yoga science from Morarji Desai National Institute of yoga and further went to do my Masters in yoga. despite being super busy, i ejoyed each day of my learning as it was deeply enriched with the philosphy of yoga. as they 'knowledge is of no value, until you put it into practice', hence i started teaching along with my practice. it's been 8 years since i embarked in the journey of discowering myself and each day i turn the next page of my life and stil find to learn. i teach Hatha Yoga and combine aspects of Pilates to make the class more comprhensive. Apart from becoming flexible, increasing stamina and energy levels, my will help students to connect with themselves,find their longing and leave the class ready to face the challenges of the day.

Yoga teacher: sharmilapunia

Sharmila punia

Sharmila is a motivated yoga teacher with advanced traiing in yoga. She specialies in Sivananda and Satyananda yoga principles. Has done Sivananda(Hatha) yoga RYS 200Hrs and satyananda RYT 200 HRS teachers training courses. after spending couple of years in the corporate world., Her yoga journey began with a need to achieve flexibility, stress relief health and physical fitness. But the last five years of regular practice has helped me achieve spirituality and self actualization. Yoga for me is a process of union with yourself. Helps achieve harmony and health, both physical and mental. Yoga offers self reflection, the practice of kindness and self compassion, and continued growth and self awareness. She enjoys inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long term health and fitness goals. Her yoga sessions are a perfect blend of proper exercise and proper relaxation. You walk out feeling energised and stronger.

Yoga teacher: Sucheta


Self-practice of yoga since 7 years and teaching experience of 2 years of basic yoga as a volunteer. Undergone professional Teacher training program and certified as Hatha Yoga and Sri Sri Yoga teacher from QCI certified Training School. Knowledge and experience in teaching Power Yoga, Philosophy, Anatomy and Meditative Techniques.

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