Hitanshi is an excellent yoga teacher and I benefited a lot from her focussed lessons. She practices herself and demonstrates her teachings which aid the learner to perfect the asanas. Her insistence on correct pronouncements of slokas and names of asanas makes yoga more integrated and meaningful to the learner. I recommend her to all students of yoga ..."beginners and experienced".
Testimonials: Devang
Devang Desai, Ahmedabad [Group CEO Adani Group]
I was thinking about yoga for quite sometime and tried some group yoga classes but found that I was not getting the attention, I needed. I was cautious of the fact that without adequate guidance, I could pick up the wrong techniques and therefore injure myself. A friend had introduced Hitanshi as a “yoga- instructor” to me. In a short span of 3 months, I have found more flexibility and energy within me. She explained the “asanas” and made me aware about their effects on my body. The visualization and the understanding of its meaning enrich the action and helps me get it right. I would strongly recommend Hitanshi to anyone who is looking to get the fundamentals right and who wants a pace customized to their level of fitness.
Vineet S Jain, Ahmedabad [CEO Adani Power]
It is a wonderful experience to be a part of Hith yoga. It is a blend of traditional knowledge and modern yoga. Excellent way of teaching along with beautiful chanting of mantras. I have changed totally as a human being since I have joined. It's been over five months and I simply feel refreshed and rejuvenated each day. Thanks it's simply awesome........
Shivani Kapur Gandhi [ Delhi Educational Professor ]
Its been a wonderful experience to do Yoga at Hith Yoga for the last 2 months. I have started realizing the benefits both on my physical and mental well being. Both Hitanshi and Gourav are extremely competent and understand every individual's specific needs and work on those needs to achieve fantastic results. Thanks to them and best wishes for contuining the great work!
Sanjeev Gupta
It is wonderful to be a part of Hith Yoga. In no time there has been a significant change that I have observed in my body. Thanks to Hitanshi and Gourav for their sessions which are a perfect blend of workout and relaxation. :) :) :)
Prerna Sud
Joinng Hith Yoga is the best thing happened in my life . I enjoyed staying in 8 mazor towns including metros n mini metros in my life before coming to Delhi but this town gave me the best of my fitness regime. Thanks to you guys. Gaurav is unique trainer who is an IITan , posses good ability to apply his sharp analytical skills to analyse the biological moment and prepare a Yogic Theoram for any Individual. Gourav drives the session in such a way that even some time i feel that the body parts are listening to him rather than our Mind.Hitanshi you carry deep knowledge of Yogic Science, you keep stydying the new things , organise the Yoga Camps in Natural locations ,your process and style of explaining the benefits of each Aasan along with the practice motivates a lot to perform the Yoga Practice . You guy's are fantastic and best of the club together. Best wishes .
Success can be achieved quicker with a healthy and fit mind + body. Hith yoga is a place where you can workout and relax at the same time with the help of Hitanshi and Gaurav whom I would label as the best yoga trainers. Thanks to Hith Yoga, now I am less lethargic and look forward to every upcoming class for a fun filled, interactive yoga class. I would recommend people to take some time out and join yoga classes with Hith Yoga and feel the difference yourselves!!
Kasturee Bharadwaj
I attended 3 classes with Gourav and they were great! He has great knowledge and brings a lightness to the practice. Whether you live in Delhi or are passing through I would highly recommend a class with Gourav.
Everyone should join Hitanshi and Gourav's Hith Yoga! It can really help you emotionally, mentally and physically! They have been able to cure my sever back pain within a month!
Pragya, Delhi [Chef]
In a short span of a few weeks you have made a place in my life…such is your goodness. I have seen a teacher, a guide, a friend in you and to hold such a place it really does take time but with you I could connect instantly. With all my heart and soul I thank you for taking out time to teach me yoga and to guide me. You gave me the strength, the positiveness and above all your showed me the correct manner of respecting our body through yoga. You truly are amazing! Your passion for Yoga is so infectious that it has instilled in me the excitement to pursue!
Geetika, Chennai [Business Analyst]
I and my wife, Rita, were considering practising Yoga for health related problems. By sheer luck we came in contact with Hitanshi. She encouraged us for learning and practising regularly. Appropriate prayers, stretches, right yoga postures and meditation were so nicely balanced by her that our mind and body started toning and benefits were evident. As our tribute to her we have continued our Yoga practice though she is quite away from us. I wish her very happy life ahead.
Ashutosh Shukla, Ahmedabad [M.D. Aerotherm Product, Ahmedabad]
Attended a session at Hith Yoga and had a phenomenal experience. The way Hitanshi and Gaurav conducted the Yoga it was very professional; I recommend this to people living in South Delhi (in and around Sarita Vihar and Defence Colony)
Ankur Chaudhary, Pune [Management Consultant - Danish Consulting Major]
Hitanshi is a highly dedicated Yoga therapist who motivates her students to practice Yoga as a form of holistic healing for the body and mind. Her ability to discern individual health problems and suggest exercises, asanas, pranayam and kriyas for addressing these has enabled many students like me to learn how to manage these better. Her energy and positive spirit are infectious and her crystal clear instructions enable the learners to be continuously conscious of maintaining the correct postures and breathing techniques. Hitanshi emphasizes the importance of relaxation and meditation during her classroom sessions, ensuring that the experience is energizing rather than tiring. It is invigorating to be in her class.
Kirtida Oza, Ahmedabad [Founder Director - Sjogren's India]
‘Ma'am is an amazing amazing unbelievably amazing teacher. She is very flexible in her thinking and understands the student's requirements and goals very well. What's more she knows therapeutic yoga as well so people like me who have spinal disc herniation really are in good hands. The best part is that we do prayers in Sanskrit while doing certain asanas so we are also working on a spiritual level and channelizing the subtle energies. She is a calm, peaceful and energetic teacher; I hope you all discover the same guru-shishaya connection as I have.
Simar, Delhi [Spiritual Writer - Delhi]​
‘Yoga has internationally been accepted to be the finest form of exercise which is not only physically beneficial but also found to be extremely de-stressing. It is in fact far more than an exercise and an experience by itself. The experience however depends on the skilful technique of the yoga trainer. I have been fortunate to attend the yoga sessions with various trainers and I found Hitanshi to be one of the finest in the field. The skill of a teacher is best known through the students and I had found that people coming to attend Yoga batches being conducted by Hitanshi were full of praise for her and would specifically seek her guidance. She therefore played a crucial role in popularizing the valuable Indian art. Hitanshi made it possible by her sheer commitment, sound knowledge, continued research, cheerful and positive approach and excellent communication skills.
I now get to learn that she is starting her own venture to further promote the good work of Yoga. I have no doubts that she will be able to reach out to the masses who are still oblivious of the power of Yoga and are suffering more because of their ignorance and possibly due to lack of opportunities. I compliment her and wish her the very best as her success is more important for the people who would benefit out of it and the recognition our valuable Indian art would gain.
Naresh Jethwani, Mumbai [Ex-COO, SWAS Healthcare]
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